Important Projects in farm
Biogas Plant.
Vermiculture Bed.
Solar cooker.
Drip irrigation.
Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores animals.
Method of separation (Hand Picking, threshing, winnowing).
Getting to know plants (Herbs, Shrubs and trees).
Creepers and climbers.
Mirrors and reflections.
Magnetic / Non-Magnetic Substances.
Sericulture Silk.
Soil Types (Sandy, Clayey, loamy).
Hand made instrument to hear heartbeat and pulse rate.
Crop production and management.
Agricultural Implements.
Traditional and modern methods of Irrigation.
Spraying weedicide.
Malleability, ductility, sonorous.
Braille System.
Laws of motion.
Small lighter substance float on heavy one.
Persistence of vision.
Law for collecting all the different kinds of garbage.
The ozone UMBRELLA.
Simple machine pulley on well.
Types of motion.
Natural Resources.
Light necessary for growth of plants.
The Thermos flask.
Blood donation awareness.
Propogation of sound.
Tyndall Effect.
Atomic numbers magic chart.
Endemic, epidemic, pandemic diseases.
GREEN Revolution, WHITE Revolution.
Animal husbandary.
Speed of sound in different medium.