1)   Swimming pool.
2)   Bullock cart, tractor rides.
3)   Shooting target practice area.
4)   Indoor games carrom, chess, cards.
5)   Rural games gilvar shooting, see-saw, marbles, gilli-danda, zopala.
6)   Kite flying.
7)   Various science projects biogas plant, solar cooker, vermiculture ,drip irrigation.
8)   Well which inspires Varli Adivasi painting.
9)   Farm equipments museum.
10)   Music system, mike system, white boards, group discussion area is available.
11)   Nature photography, watching birds and pleasant sunset.
12)   Large lawn area to play games.
13)   Feeding animals and birds cows, buffaloes, ducks, hen.
14)   Tissue culture project and nursery.
15)   Awareness activities blood donation, eye donation, child rights.
16)   Magic show and games by anchor Samor(Optional).